PowerDirector 11 Ultra for Windows 10


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CyberLink PowerDirector 11 Ultra is the quickest and most effective way to make movies. PowerDirector 11 Ultra is equipped with more than 100 built-in effects and access to over 300,000 free effects on the community CyberLink DirectorZone.com, which allows you to create professional-looking movies. Revolutionary edition: - Aware Editing: automatic identification of scenes with, Face, Pan, Zoom and Motion, guys which can be easily edited with the support TrueTheater. - Professional development: Supports more than 100 tracks and editing time search - New user interface: PowerDirector 11 has a new, intuitive interface, it can enlarge the size of thumbnails library objects, or increase the height of the timeline to be better available for a portion of a. Amazing speed of editing: - 3 TrueVelocity rendering engine: The world's fastest video editing program. OpenCL and SVRT 3 - Multi-GPGPU acceleration: Speeds up the calculation which results in faster video rendering. - New hardware optimization: Optimized for graphics processor technologies, including the 3rd Generation Intel Core, AMD and nVidia GeForce VISION. Amazing editing tools: - Tools edycjne: Create high quality videos with various editing tools - Enhance video quality with TrueTheater Technology: Improving lighting scenes, video stabilization, conversion from SD to HD - Powerful and flexible tool Design Studio: Using multi-track timeline We can take control over the creation of animated overlays - Nardzędzie MagicMovie: Provides the easiest way to create home movies, just select the photos or videos you want to use the tool automatically adds MagicMovie stylish templates, music and effects.